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Another Highland Story

I just came back from Ba Kelalan, the interior of Borneo where the air is fresh and the people are friendly.

This is one of the best trip to for me so far with nice and cool people coming along. It's always filled with laughter the whole trip despite some bumpy rides.

Although it's a short working trip, we managed to have a day of leisure walk while doing some interviews and a BBQ dinner with lotsa pork, lamb and chicken wing!

.:Silly.. hehe:.

.:The view Point of Ba Kelalan:.

.:Before we went off by flight:.

.:How can I miss photo with my favourite gang:.
.:I love this photo, very dramatic:.

Every Dog Goes to Heaven

Rest in Peace Iwan Ng '24 September 2012' ... We'll always love you very-very much. Since young you have always been quite and gentle son. 

I've only got his blood test report on Friday night. He was infected with a serious Protozoan Parasites and since he had kidney problem. It was more complicated for him... :(

.:Part of our family:.
.:Even mum & dad love him alot:.

.:He passed on the way to the vet on 24 September 2012, 6.15pm:.

Iwan... :(

The vet said he only got 50/50 chances to survive or less... I personally felt really sad and I knew he won't last too long since he stopped eating for many days now. :(

Iwan is like my son. An 8 year old son which is having a pretty serious kidney problem and have been going through life with fluid injection every three days.

I really hope that he would stay strong but if he really can't fight anymore it's ok to let go... I really feel helpless this time... I don't want to lose him but then again, he shouldn't suffer like this...

.:Iwan May 2011:.

.:Today at the vet... he was really weak:.
I can see in the vet's face, it tells that the situation was NO GOOD...